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Shenzhen JBT smart Lighting Co.,ltd established in 2006, which is a national high -tech enterprise with the ISO9001& ISO140001 certificates ,Since 2012 we JBT has transferred to develop smart Lighting and Smart home products.

Shenzhen JBT Smart Lighting Co., LTD  has the central mission as“Smart living、simple and joyful”, Focus on “IOT+ Transmission and sensing technology, Provide whole smart solution of “Cloud + APP +Smart  moudles+ Software”. To construct the specific IOT safety and security warming system, with the assistance of smart lightings , smart sensors and smart electrician. Up till now, we have got through the WIFI 、Zigbee 、Bluetooth 、ZWAVE  etc those major wireless Agreement.。We have our own core algorithm, and have finished hundreds of functional products. We have the international technology and management team, can provide all kinds of personalized intelligent plan, good system architecture, hardware and software services, etc.

In future,we JBT will construct our own cloud, forming a closed – loop smart ecosystem. which provides users with more accurate, timely and complete services.

"Thanksgiving, innovation, win-win“ is core concept of our company,  provide you with comprehensive product smart upgrade services, we sincerely look forward to cooperation with you.


  • 2019-06-25


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