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TUYA and JBT are cooperating in depth to develop global business links of intelligent lightin

On June 18, a signing ceremony was held in Shenzhen between the global aiot platform TUYA intelligent lighting and Shenzhen JBT Smart Lighting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to asJBT) to announce the deep cooperation between the two sides. In the future, the two sides will carry out ecological cooperation in technology and channel and jointly develop global intelligent lighting business.
Chen liaohan, co-founder and President of TUYA intelligence, Zhang Wenbin, chairman of JBT, and Liu Guohui, general manager of JBT, attended the signing ceremony of in-depth cooperation.

At the signing ceremony, graffiti smart said that it would provide a solid ecological platform support for Gabriel in all aspects. In terms of technology, more R & D resources and ecological support will be invested in gabitan to help it build high-quality intelligent lighting products that are popular in the market; in the channel dimension, TUYA intelligence and gabitan share global channel resources to jointly expand the global market share of intelligent lighting products. The two sides deepen their cooperation in multiple dimensions and work together to create a more open, more diversified and more cross-border cooperation mode under the new aiot business order.

Chen liaohan said, "TUYA intelligence creates an open global aiot ecological platform. What we expect is that developers can not only use convenient and efficient tools on the platform to complete the production and upgrading of unique intelligent products, but also become participants in ecological construction. Based on this, we and Gaby TEDA have made this in-depth cooperation. On the basis of the original solid cooperation, we will go further and build a more complete ecological pattern and more imaginative business space. "

"As early as 2014, JBT has begun to seize the field of intelligent lighting and smart home. With the deepening of market operation, we find that the market demand is turning to high-quality intelligent products with integrated operation. This is the starting point of cooperation between us and doodle intelligence in 2018. After joining the "powered by Tuya" ecology, it will be of great benefit in terms of technology upgrading and global market expansion. After more than two years of cooperation and running in, in order to better cope with the complex market under the epidemic situation, we decided to cooperate with TUYA intelligence to upgrade. We believe that TUYA intelligence will be our best partner in promoting healthy lighting in line with market demand. " Zhang Wenbin said.

Founded in 2006, as a professional LED light source manufacturer in China, gabitan is committed to providing high-quality and high-performance LED application products and solutions for domestic and foreign professional channel customers and terminal customers. In 2020, in view of the new crown epidemic situation, the concept of intelligent health lighting is proposed, and a series of disinfection and sterilization lamps and induction lamps are developed to automatically disinfect and sterilize the environment. Meanwhile, the brightness can be adjusted according to the external environment to achieve the goal of intelligent environmental protection and healthy lighting.

The in-depth cooperation between graffiti intelligent and Gabriel is an attempt of global aiot platform and well-known lighting manufacturers to participate in mutual ecological construction. Whether it is the construction and reorganization of a new form of globalization, the market growth slowed down by the impact of the epidemic, or the internal factors such as the need for integrated operation and open platform of the aiot industry, are pointing out the direction for aiot practitioners: to become an open ecological co builder is the key to obtain future business opportunities.


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